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Multipurpose Irradiation Centre as a Component in Centre of Nuclear Science and Technologies

11.11.2019 - 16.11.2019

About venue:

The Department of Experimental Physics of the Ural Federal University provides educational programs in the areas of nuclear instrumentation, civil radiation technology application, radiation safety technologies, biomedical engineering.

Educational and scientific projects based on modern accelerators of charge particles – proton cyclotron TR-24 (Canada) and linear electron accelerator (Russia).

We have experience in using radiation technologies for processing food materials and sterilizing medical devices. We know how to design and manufacture competently to use radiation-monitoring equipment. On the one hand, the department has experience in development and production of unique spectrometric equipment, mobile and stationary radiation monitoring systems. On the other hand, we do scientific and practical research on radiation safety, including the development of models of radiation exposure to humans, the calculation of radiation loads and radiation risks, the development of methods for measuring radon, thoron and their daughter products in air, soil and water, metrological verification of instruments for measurement radon content.

Since 2010, we have been implementing the University’s largest innovative projects to create a Center for the Sterilization of Medical Devices and the Cyclotron Center for Nuclear Medicine based on an updated accelerator park.

Course outlines:

This course is focused on main application fields of electron beam based radiation processing facilities.

  1. To describe the potential of MIC as the component of CNST
  2. To review the international standards and methods regarding radiation technologies and its implementation
  3. To recognize and utilize various equipment and systems for dose control and measurements
  4. To operate electron beam facilities and schedule irradiation protocols

Main Topics

  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Basics of Radiation Technologies;
  • Multipurpose Irradiation Centre as the Component of CNST;
  • IAEA Recommendation and National Standards for Food, Medical Materials and Polymers Irradiation;
  • Metrology of Radiation Sources and Radiation Safety (with Practice);
  • Dose Mapping in Radiation Processing (with Practice);
  • Process Control on Electron Beam Facilities (with Practice);
  • Methodology of the Use of a Multipurpose Irradiation Centre Training in Education Process.

Mr. Vladimir Ivanov – Head of experimental physics department

Previous experience: idea, design, construction and installation of multipurpose irradiation center on the base of electron accelerator. Experience in education of control in technical and biotechnical system.

Mr. Oleg Ryabukhin – vice-principal of the center

Previous experience: More than 17 years of experience in educating nuclear physics, ionizing radiation and radiation technologies in medicine and biology.


Ms. Mariia Pyishkina – Doctoral candidate

Previous experience: specialty “Radiation Safety Technologies”. Participation in IAEA training course on the Security of Radioactive Sources. Experience in educating



Email: application@urfu.ru

To apply follow the link

Application deadline: 26 August 2019


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