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Best practices: through INSEN to nuclear security stakeholders

The International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN) is a universal platform for the development of sustainable education in the field of nuclear security. The elaboration of educational materials, faculty development and even an essay contest of students and young professionals on strengthening nuclear security are just some of the few examples of INSEN's activities.

The need for human resource development programs in the field of nuclear security has been emphasized at several IAEA General Conferences and meetings of the Board of Governors. Joint cooperation between universities, research institutes and other stakeholders resulted in the creation of the International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN), a cooperation network for higher education in the field of nuclear security.

Nuclear security education plays an important role in training the next generation of professionals with knowledge, experience and understanding of nuclear security who contribute to the maintenance of national nuclear security regimes. "INSEN plays an important role in advancing nuclear security education worldwide," said Ms. Elena Buglova, Director of the IAEA Nuclear Security Division. "This International Network supports many institutions in different regions in the creation of training programs and courses on nuclear security."

Experts of the Rosatom Technical Academy have been representing our Academy at INSEN for several years. Since 2010, the participants of this International Network have been actively sharing their best practices in the elaborating of textbooks and exercises, in ensuring quality while following the IAEA terminology established in the IAEA guidelines on nuclear security and other best practices.

Considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on nuclear security, INSEN experts share lessons learned from conducting nuclear security education programs online or in a mixed format. The INSEN Network continues to inform stakeholders about the Maria Sklodowskaya-Curie Scholarship Program, which gives young women the opportunity to continue master's programs in nuclear-related fields.


The experience of INSEN members really helps and is actively used at the national level to strengthen the national nuclear security regime, as well as at the international level to share lessons learned and best practices in the field of nuclear security.