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ROSATOM held an introductory seminar for the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

About 40 deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the VIII convocation met with representatives of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation at the site of the Moscow branch of Rosatom Technical Academy within the framework of an introductory seminar.

Mr Vladimir Artisyuk, Advisor to the General Director of ROSATOM, delivered a lecture on the legal status, scope of activities, history and prospects of ROSATOM. “Seventy-five years of the Russian nuclear industry development imply, first of all, the considerable experience that today allows ROSATOM to be the only company in the world capable of providing a full cycle of production in the nuclear sector: from uranium mining and fuel fabrication to NPP construction, power generation and back-end operations. Today ROSATOM is the recognized world leader in key market segments for uranium enrichment and nuclear power plants construction. ROSATOM’s international business portfolio includes 35 power units being constructed in 12 countries. Its integrated offer in NPP construction incorporates the guaranteed supplies of products and services at all the stages of NPP life cycle,” he stressed.

As it was noted at the seminar, in the conditions of climate threats to the modern world ROSATOM develops itself by realizing the innovative and production potentials of nuclear organizations. Thus, the experience gained by Russia in fast reactors development and operation serves as the basis for the transition to a closed nuclear fuel cycle, which can dramatically reduce the amount of radioactive wastes subject to disposal. And this is exactly the problem that prevents the inclusion of nuclear energy in the “green” category.

Mr Andrey Polosin, Director of the Department for Interaction with Regions, ROSATOM, introduced the seminar participants to the problems of nuclear cities development in the context of ROSATOM’s global technological leadership.

Mr Vladimir Aspidov, the First Vice-Rector for Principle Activities, Rosatom Technical Academy, continued the discussion of preserving and transferring knowledge in the nuclear sector. He spoke about the history of the educational institution and the tasks for nuclear education transfer that it solves.

State Duma Deputy Mr Yuri Stankevich noted: “This is the second time this month I’ve taken part in ROSATOM events and I feel that I have practically become an adept of nuclear energy. I would like to thank the speakers and organizers of the seminar for sharing their knowledge and creating a comfortable environment. Given that the nuclear sector has been actively developing, the structure of the fuel and energy balance in Russia and on international markets is changing. I think that such events should be held at least once a year. It is important for the deputies to understand how the industry will develop, how the interests, strategies, prospects for the industry development relate to other sectors of the fuel and energy complex and what place the nuclear sector occupies in the country’s economy in terms of innovative products development, energy and environmental safety insurance and a number of other issues related to its activities.”