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Technical Academy of Rosatom started training of «Paks-2» specialists (Hungary)

Specialists of the Paks-2 NPP started training at the St. Petersburg branch of the Rosatom Technical Academy. The preparatory stage of training began in an online format on the AtomSpace platform.

The training is conducted as part of contracts package execution for the construction of NPP Units V and VI in Hungary. The first group has already started training. In total, twelve groups of specialists are planned to be trained until 2025.

The list of disciplines that Paks-2 personnel will study includes dozens of titles. Specialists will undergo theoretical training, as well as work out practical skills on a full-scale simulator and at a reference nuclear power plant. Each stage will be accompanied by an intermediate knowledge test.

The training is conducted by staff of instructors, among which are experienced operators who have worked for many years at nuclear power plants, and young specialists who have completed a long course of technical training and internships at nuclear power plants.

For entire period of training, which will last for more than four thousand hours, Hungarian specialists will receive knowledge in English.

For reference:

At the end of August 2022, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued the State Corporation Rosatom a general license for the construction of power units V and VI of the Paks-2 NPP, as well as permits for the construction of a "nuclear island" - a complex of 6 buildings and structures designed for operation and provision of safety of NPPs. Currently there are 4 power units with VVER-440 reactors built accordingly to Soviet technologies.