The Second NEM School – Training Future Nuclear Leaders in Nuclear Infrastructure Development

The Second NEM School – Training Future Nuclear Leaders in Nuclear Infrastructure Development

On September 15th certificates of successful completion were awarded to participants of the Interregional Training Course: Joint ROSATOM-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School Focusing on Nuclear Infrastructure Development (NEM School).

The Second Joint ROSATOM-IAEA NEM School started on September 4th in the premises of the Saint-Petersburg branch and continued on the Obninsk campus of Rosatom Tech. The two weeks of hard work gave the participants a possibility to learn from top IAEA, external and national experts in the areas related to nuclear infrastructure development. The programme of the second edition of the NEM School was largely based on the synergetic combination of the organizational culture of the IAEA – the practices and tools developed by the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) Section were used to highlight the subject areas of the Milestones Approach developed in the IAEA Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section (NIDS) – and practical cases from the side of ROSATOM.

“This course has really enlightened me to help my country to know more. Moreover, I gathered the knowledge to educate my colleagues and can always refer to my lectures for the information. Also by getting to know people from different countries and different backgrounds, we developed a connection through which, we can always help and give a professional advice to each other. This course has been a very big help!”Ms Sylvia Goiri Wanjohi (Assistant National Liaison, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB)).

“The School proved to be a unique experience that not only allowed me to access a multidisciplinary approach from top professionals but also offered me the opportunity to meet and share with people from different institutions, countries and cultures that also have the passion for continuing training in the field of nuclear energy. Russia is an incredible country, with cities and landscapes that I will never forget and very nice people.”Mr Isidro Amadeo Baschar (Advisor, Bilateral Relations Department, Institutional Management, National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), Argentine Republic).

During the event the participants had an opportunity to join the unique technical tour programme which included Leningrad NPP 2 construction site and the full scope simulator (AES-2006 design with VVER-1200 reactor), Emergency Response Center of the Rosatom (Saint-Petersburg), the full-scope simulator of Floating NPP “Akademik Lomonosov” and the First-in-the-World NPP (Obninsk).

A special meeting was held on September 15th to analyze the results and discuss the prospects of the Joint ROSATOM-IAEA NEM School 2017. The Technical Officer-IAEA of the NEM School Mr Oszvald Gloekler, Prof Vladimir Artisiuk (Rosatom Tech Vice-Rector) and representatives of ROSATOM and Rosatom Tech involved in the organization of the NEM School outlined the strengths as well as the areas of enhancement and agreed to continue further with the practice and preliminary planned to held two Joint ROSATOM-IAEA NEM Schools in 2018.

“We hope very much that we can continue with this school here in Russia and also in other parts of the world. One of the aims of this program is to support the newcomer countries and to share good practices providing all these opportunities to discuss ways of sustainable development of safe nuclear energy.”said Mr Oszvald Gloekler (Senior Knowledge Management Specialist, Nuclear Knowledge Management Section, IAEA)“ROSATOM and IAEA cooperated already last year to organize a similar school and now this school is the continuation of that effort. We have similar regional NEM Schools in Japan, UAE and South Africa and we plan to organize additional regional schools to be held in other IAEA member states. The IAEA is an umbrella or facilitator of the regional schools with active local partners like ROSATOM.”



The Interregional Training Course: Joint ROSATOM-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School Focusing on Nuclear Infrastructure Development was a second event in the series of events organized in 2017 by the IAEA in collaboration with the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” in the framework of special Agreement between Rosatom and the IAEA concerning extrabudgetary contribution to the implementation of the Technical Cooperation Projects on Nuclear Infrastructure Development. The Agreement was signed in spring this year with the planning to implement 6 events, the first was completed on 1 September, 2017.

The present NEM-School itself was the second edition of the school that was initiated in 2016 as the First NEM-School in RussiaThe objective of the NEM School 2017 was to help middle managers and specialists involved in nuclear infrastructure development in building managerial and technical competences essential for establishment of national nuclear energy programmes, particularly in newcomer countries that seek to develop nuclear power with large reactors as well as with small and medium size reactors.

Totally 29 representatives of 16 countries (Argentine, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hungary, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Viet Nam, Russian Federation) have participated in the event.