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Rosatom Tech Has Trained Faculty Members at the First International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building

Rosatom Tech Has Trained Faculty Members at the First International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building

From November 23 to December 4 the International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building was held by Rosatom Technical Academy in online format.

The purpose of the event was to expand competencies of the faculty members and administration of universities from newcomer countries in the development and implementation of educational programs in nuclear field, the IAEA recommendations on HRD and establishing nuclear curricula, the methodology of a systematic approach to training, modern methods and approaches in teaching adults, and the issues of practical training in nuclear education.

The School was one of the short-term courses in the “Train-The-Trainers” format, which has proven to be an effective method of transferring knowledge to target audiences.

During two weeks, 25 representatives from 15 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Zambia) were trained in organizational and methodological aspects of the development of nuclear education and learned about the best practices in the development of educational programs.

Keynote speakers were Head of IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section David Drury, IAEA Technical Lead for Management and Capacity Building Pedro Porras, President of the European Network for Nuclear Education (ENEN) Jörg Starflinger, Senior Analyst at the OECD/NEA of the NEST Project Secretariat and Multilateral Coordination education, communication and knowledge management projects Antonella Di Trapani, IAEA Specialist Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostics Section Carmen del Pilar Orellana, Training Manager of World Nuclear University (WNU) Sara Cullen.

In total, the School’s team of experts included 29 representatives of 17 largest foreign and Russian organizations in the nuclear industry and supporting universities: IAEA, ENEN, OECDN/NEA, World Nuclear University (WNU), ROSATOM, «Rosenergoatom» JSC, ROSATOM WESTERN EUROPE, VNIIAES, Rosatom Technical Academy, MEPhI, MSU, TPU, UrFU, SPbPU, VSU, NNSTU, RUDN.

“The International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building is a follow-up of the annual International Conference “Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry”, which has already established itself as a platform for interaction between representatives of higher education in Russia and recipient countries of Russian nuclear technologies, as well as international organizations”, said rector of Technical Academy Yuri Seleznev in his welcoming speech to the participants.

According to Valery Karezin, director of educational programs, ROSATOM, “This  format proposed by Rosatom Technical Academy for conducting short-term courses for faculty members of universities and experts from newcomer countries has established itself as a new educational product that meets business objectives and is in demand from potential partners and foreign customers. By conducting short-term courses in the Train-The-Trainers format, we provide a direct transfer of Russian nuclear education in the interests of developing the national nuclear programs of partner countries and form a sustainable system of communication between Russian and foreign universities in the framework of joint educational programs.”

For reference:

The International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building is one of the events in a series of training events, which are taking place within the framework of the ROSATOM project “International cooperation in the field of nuclear education”. Another significant event in this series in 2020 was the webinar «ROSATOM Train-The-Trainers Courses to Support Nuclear Capacity Building for Newcomers» aimed at developing the “Train-The-Trainers” format.

In 2021, Rosatom Technical Academy, in cooperation with the core universities of ROSATOM, plans to hold ten training events in the Train-The-Trainers format, covering a wide range of topics, from electricity generation at nuclear power plants of large and small scale and the development of modern radiopharmaceuticals at research reactors to irradiation of medical materials and agricultural products; and diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. New areas for this format will be the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, as well as engineering competencies in the field of construction and operation of nuclear power plants. The detailed and updated information could be found here: http://rosatomtech.com/train-the-trainer-courses-for-university-faculty-members/.