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Training of faculty staff of VN University in ROSATOM-CICE&T.

Training of faculty staff of VN University in ROSATOM-CICE&T.

In the framework of Practical Arrangements signed at the 55th Session of the IAEA GA, ROSATOM-CICE&T has been implementing «train-the-trainer» approach to support newcomer countries in developing their national nuclear infrastructure.

Dr. Thong Trinh (lecture and researcher at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology) as an IAEA fellow completed his 8-week fellowship in ROSATOM-CICE&T on 11th July 2014.

The purpose of his stay in Russia was to investigate the Russian experience of personnel training for nuclear industry. During 8 weeks Dr. Thong reviewed the courses on WWER technology available at ROSATOM-CICE&T for training the specialists of national nuclear infrastructure from embarking states («Specifics of WWER design: safety issues» and «Radiation safety and health protection. Practical case of WWER»).

The main objective of this fellowship was to define the gap between university programs and industrial professional training programs in order to harmonize nuclear engineering courses in HUST with Russian professional training system to prepare effective integrated career trajectory including university education in home-country and professional training in Russia towards position of Control room operator and other safety-related jobs. For this particular Dr. Thong developed a trilingual glossary (Vietnamese-Russian-English) of the main terms in the field of WWER safety.

During his stay in Russia Dr. Thong also participated in Atomexpo 2014 round-table discussion with the report «Personnel training for Vietnamese nuclear industry: cooperation with the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (http://rosatomtech.com/?p=1209). He informed participants about critical importance to train faculty staff of Vietnam Universities in Russia and organize similar training on regular basis. He attracted the interest of the audience by giving a sketch of cultural specifics which would perfect communications between Russian instructors and Vietnamese students and trainees.


At the 25th Annual International Science and Technology Conference of Nuclear Society of Russia «NPP: yesterday, today, and tomorrow» devoted to the 60th Anniversary of the First-in-the-World NPP and Nuclear Power of Russia (June, 25-27 2014, Obninsk) Dr. Thong presented his report «Development of workforce for Nuclear Power in Vietnam» (http://rosatomtech.com/?p=1246).