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Moscow Branch

On 20 May, 2014 there was the ceremonial opening of the new office of the CICE&T Moscow branch in the city’s historical centre. In 2017, the CICE&T Moscow branch was reorganized into the Moscow branch of "Technical Academy of Rosatom". Territorial proximity with the State Corporation is the major advantage for the Moscow branch trainees as ROSATOM specialists can timely visit the site and clarify the issues occurring in the process of training.

11/bld. 1, 2-nd Kazachii Sidestreet, Moscow, 119180, Russian Federation+7 (495)
11/bld. 1, 2-nd Kazachii Sidestreet, Moscow, 119180, Russian Federation

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Since 2015 there has been robust expanding of work on ROSATOM innovation projects at the platform of the Moscow branch: Innovation Leader School starts up within the program of Innovation Management Division activity (today – Scientific and Technical Programs and Projects Department). The school objective is to increase young employees’ involvement in the implementation of the Rosatom innovation development program and encourage youth innovation efforts. Strategic sessions on scientific, technical and technological forecasting are getting more relevant. The major focus is made on the expert community management of scientific and technical expertise and implementation of pilot projects as an element of creating an industry roadmap for scientific research and development works.

The significant part of the Moscow branch’s activity is devoted to supporting Rosatom international projects, cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency in the field of personnel training for nuclear infrastructure of newcomer countries. Seminars are conducted on a regular basis within the framework of the industry program for experts’ targeted training to work in international organizations.

Today the Moscow branch of Rosatom Technical Academy is not just a resources consolidation platform for nuclear knowledge management, rather it is a gathering point for old friends and partners for experience and best practices exchange in the field of nuclear energy use.

Branch Governance

Maria Khaletskaya
Maria KhaletskayaVice Rector-Director of the Moscow Branch