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Saint Petersburg Branch

The Saint Petersburg branch is one of the oldest training centres in the industry. Being founded in 1969 as the Leningrad branch of the Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (LB CICE&T), it has repeatedly changed its names, expanded and developed for the following five decades: from foremen courses up to the international industry educational platform.

4 Letter A, Aerodromnaya Str., Saint-Petersburg 197348, Russian Federation+7 (812)
4 Letter A, Aerodromnaya Str., Saint-Petersburg 197348, Russian Federation

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«Nuclear Renaissance poses ambitious targets. The key condition for success is human capital: intellectual potential, personnel mobility and performance. Rosatom management declaire the central importance of work on creating conditions for professional excellence of employees. We have a clear vision of our role in this activity and propose new forms of effective training which meet the requirements of the time».

T.N. Tairov, vice rector of Saint Peterburg branch from 2010 to 2020

Today the Saint Petersburg branch offers a whole range of highly-demanded educational services which include programs for continuing education in the industry designed both for executives and practitioners as well as courses of professional retraining, remote training, international cooperation, seminars and trainings in the widest variety of areas.

Branch Governance

Maxim Gordeev
Maxim GordeevVice rector – director of St. Petersburg (812) 946-68-82

The branch has an extensive material and technical base for rendering educational services up to date. CBT rooms and classrooms are fitted with high-tech multimedia and telecommunication equipment.


Highly specialized practical classes are conducted in own training radiation control laboratory at the training ground of Rosatom Emergency Technical Centre in Saint Petersburg. In order to increase training efficiency a video conference system is used as an alternative to off-site courses.


The Saint Petersburg branch of Rosatom Tech hosts annually the International Nuclear Forum “Nuclear Technologies Safety”.

The forum site gathers all leading nuclear power and industry specialists from different countries for exchanging best practices and increasing safety level at nuclear facilities.


The forum organizers are Rosatom State Corporation and the Saint Petersburg branch of Rosatom Technical Academy.



St. Petersburg is a city of federal significance; it's the most important economic, scientific and cultural centre of Russia. The northern capital, as the city is unofficially called, hosts annually dozens of major events of the all-Russian level with the participation and under the auspices of the country's leadership. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of industry representatives regularly visit the St. Petersburg branch of the Rosatom Technical Academy both for training and participation in nuclear meetings and conferences.


In addition, the Leningrad NPP (LNPP) is located in the Sosnovy Bor City on the coast of the Gulf of Finland 35 km to the west from Saint Petersburg. Specialists undergoing training in this branch have an opportunity to take part in the technical tours around the LNPP and the LNPP-2 as well as other nuclear industry enterprises.

The St. Peterburg branch is located in the north-western part of the city in a picturesque the Primorsky District, within easy transport accessibility from the city center- there is a metro station nearby and public transport routes. The presence of a nearby junction of the Western High-Speed Diameter and the ring road allows you to get quickly to the St. Petersburg’s international airport. Not only transport, but also shopping and entertainment infrastructures are convenient here.

The literary and historical monument the Place of Pushkin's Last Duel, located just a five minutes’ walk away from the Institute, is the sightseeing annually visited by schoolchildren and guests of the city. It should be noted that this is far from the only sightseeing in the vicinity of the Primorsky District.


Training Facilities

The area of training facilities comprises 9842,7 , classroom stock — 1426

Classroom stock includes:

1 Conference hall admitting up to 320 people

2 small conference halls admitting up to 60 people

14 classrooms for lectures and practical training: 1 – 45 seats; 1 – 40 seats; 1 – 35 seats; 3 – 25 seats; 3 – 20 seats; 3 – 18 seats and 2 – 12 seats

5 computer classes equipped with up-to-date computer hardware (more than 100 workplaces)

Radiation Monitoring Training Laboratory


All classrooms are equipped with modern hardware and software multimedia complexes.

Hotel facilities

Hotel facilities are located in two buildings of the branch. Accommodation close to the institute allows non-resident students to undergo training as comfortably and efficiently as possible, without spending money and time on the road.

The hotel facilities can provide simultaneous accommodation for up to 296 people with a total number of rooms - 149. Room classes range from standard to luxury ones.

There is a secured parking lot on the hotel territory.

There is an own café-canteen on the branch territory which seats 200 people simultaneously.