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Gender at Rosatom Tech

Gender equality is a cornerstone of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development affecting the achievement of all the goals set in it. Many studies have shown that the involvement of women in all spheres of society has a positive effect ensuring increased productivity and economic growth. Gender equality in the energy sector is not just favorable for women — everyone benefits. When more women are engaged in decision-making and leadership roles, companies are more effective and, in some cases, more profitable.

Gender at Rosatom Tech
Gender at Rosatom Tech

There are currently a number of international activities focused on promoting women’s contribution to nuclear energy and technology, as well as supporting working women and young female students entering nuclear and STEM careers.

Rosatom Tech works closely with the OECD NEA on gender balance issues. In October 2021, a joint Mentoring Workshop was organized for students of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The purpose of the workshop was to motivate young female students of technical universities to choose careers in technical fields, as well as to exchange experience with mentors.

It is vital for nuclear science and technology to raise awareness among female youth, providing opportunities to explore careers in science. ROSATOM supports the nuclear industry career portal for students, and graduates, where interested students can find all the information about organizations within ROSATOM, open internship opportunities, as well as open vacancies.

Providing new opportunities and professional growth for male and female professionals working in the nuclear field, Rosatom Technical Academy runs a unique programme for Russian nuclear employees. The programme is aimed at strengthening the competencies required to work in and to cooperate with the international nuclear organizations.

Gender at Rosatom Tech