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Cherishing the future experts in nuclear power development of VietNam

To build the capacity of experts in emerging nuclear power is not limited within the area of managerial and technical competencies only. Successful work in multicultural and multilingual communities becomes the crucial factor in establishing national nuclear leadership infrastructure. Knowledge transfer is a meaningful prerequisite for technology transfer, but cultural interference appears to be the basis of all the above. It is difficult to be measured and it is impossible to be established by rules or regulation. It goes from heart to heart.

In this regard the private visit of Mr. Vu Dang Ninh– former Director of Administration Department in Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM) – in Obninsk appears to be a remarkable step of Viet Nam-Russia cooperation in human resource development programme.. He came with wife to meet their son who is studying nuclear power in Obninsk. This visit was hosted by International training Centre of Central Institute for Continuing Education&Training (CICE&T). The Director of Training Centre – Prof.Artisyuk himself has an experience of studying and working abroad and very well aware about difficulties and specifics of surviving and working in different cultural environment. Investigation of historical background of national mentality is one of the important tools.

They visited historical places nearby Obninsk city that manifest victorious efforts of Russian nation: Maloyaroslavets town – symbol of Russian victory in Russian patriotic war 1812 against Napoleon invasion (monument of Fieldmarshall Kutuzov); museum of legendary military leader of Soviet Red Army Marshal Georgy Jukov whose name serves as a symbol of the main Soviet victories in the WW-II (Khalhin Gol, Moscow battle, Stalingrad, Berlin operation). Several pictures were made relating Russian nuclear power development – symbolic picture near Branch of National Research Nuclear University – MEPHI and monument to Academician Igor Kurchatov – founder of Russian Nuclear Programme – in front of Central Institute of Continuing Education and Training that supports the International Campus in Obninsk. The special value for hosting organization was brought in the form of the impression of Mr. Vu Dang Ninh about his visit “After visiting my son, I am very satisfied for living and studying conditions of my son in Obninsk. I feel the priority of the Russian Government and the Vietnamese Government for my son’s class. They has received the best living and studying condition in Russia. During my stay in Russia this time I have had a chance to visit Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg and some universities there. I perceived that the dormitory of my son in CICET is very comfortable and is one of the best.

I noticed that after 10 months study in Russia, my son has grown a lot. He can speak Russian, can understand what Russian people say, can guide his parents to visit many places in Russia. Specifically, he is able to live independently. The Russian people are very friendly and help us in caring our children – the future experts of Viet Nam nuclear power industry”.