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Cooperation with European Union: Rosatom Tech Took Part in ENEN General Assembly 2018

Cooperation with European Union: Rosatom Tech Took Part in ENEN General Assembly 2018

On March 1-2 in Brussels (Belgium) the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN Assoc.) held its major annual event – the ENEN General Assembly. This year the Assembly was dated to the celebration the 15th anniversary of the ENEN Assoc. and transformation of the organization into ENEN AISBL under the Belgian legislation.

The first day of the event was marked by participation of top-management from European and international organizations in the academic session devoted the ENEN Assoc. anniversary. Among them were Mr. Vladimir Šucha (Director General, Joint Research Centre, European Commission), Mr. Stephan Lechner, (Director Euratom Safeguards, DG Energy, European Commission), Mr. Daniel Iracane (Deputy Director General and Chief Nuclear Officer, OECD/NEA), Mr. Wei Huang (Director of the Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management, IAEA), Mr. Eric Van Walle (Director General, SCK-CEN, Belgium), Mr. Philippe Correa (Director General, INSTN, France), Mr. Benoit Deboeck, Director General, Bel V, Belgium), Mr. Alastair Laird (President, European Nuclear Society), Mr. Yves Desbazeille (Director General, FORATOM). The European representatives presented their experience and proposals for cooperation with ENEN and stated the main issues Europe faces in the field of capacity building in nuclear industry, namely knowledge preservation, attraction of new talents to careers in nuclear and their retention. The ENEN was named as one of the main instruments in addressing these issues at the European level.

Prof. Artisiuk from Rosatom Technical Academy hold a short speech on the status of Russian nuclear power development and cooperation with Europe in human resource development. Professor shortly described resent achievements in domestic and international projects of ROSATOM, showed the innovative technologies Russia works on and the status of the work with European partners in the HRD field: training for Finnish and Hungarian projects, ENEN-RU projects, cooperation with Tecnatom (Spain).

Rosatom Tech cooperates with ENEN since 2010 and has successfully implemented two ENEN-RU projects together with MEPhI. The Academy strives to continue the practice further and start the ENEN-RU III project in 2018 extending the scope of the joint activities (with inclusion of nuclear research in addition to education and training) and the number of Russian participants inviting ROSATOM Core Universities (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Ural Federal University) to join MEPhI in works in the education field of the project.