Introduction to Nuclear Power, Physics and Small Modular Reactor Technology

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The multimedia course “Introduction to Nuclear Power, Physics and Small Modular Reactor Technology” covers large variety of topics from basics of reactor physics to design of advanced nuclear power reactors based upon best practices of Russian technologies.

The course “Introduction to nuclear power, physics and small modular reactor technology” is a part of a series of special products called “Innovative Multimedia Set for Education” (IMUSE) being developed by Rosatom Tech under the support of ROSATOM and in cooperation with experts from the industry. IMUSE is a set of educational materials consisting of a textbook and corresponding multimedia course to support initiation of nuclear curricula in universities of the countries embarking on nuclear power programmes.

The modern practice of training shows that the base for courses on nuclear power engineering is given by classical handbooks first published in 1970-90s. Within the accreditation of new university programmes in the field of nuclear technology an important element is the implementation of modern, interactive training methods and appropriate training aids.

Due to the global expansion of Russian nuclear technology it is relevant to publish training material in which the fundamentals of reactor physics and technology would be submitted through the examples of Russian projects as a commercial light-water technology (VVER), and advanced technology of liquid metal coolant reactors (i.e. SVBR). This course presents a valuable training material that follows the time-honoured tradition of the engineering profession and nuclear industry in learning from experience to build on strengths and correct weaknesses. It supports the use of IMUSE as a base for professors and teachers in universities and training centers, as well as for students to expand their knowledge.

The success of the subject matter of this course in addressing a diverse audience can attribute to Prof. Toshinskiy’s extensive experience and effectiveness in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses as well as courses for nuclear professionals and managers.