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Developing Future Team for Rosatom Innovation Projects

Developing Future Team for Rosatom Innovation Projects

A section «Proryv. Team of the future» was held on October 12, 2018, within the framework of the Rosatom industry conference «Closure of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Basis of Fast Neutron Reactors» (October 11-12, 2018, Tomsk). It was devoted to analyzing the current status of providing the “Proryv” (transl. – Breakthrough) project with young professionals and the tools for the development of competencies for young professionals, as well as training and developing scientific teams in the interests of the CNFC. Representatives from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Tomsk Polytechnic University, JSC “NIITFA”, JSC “SIBERIANGROUP OF CHEMICAL ENTERPRISES”, Center for Strategic Research, JSC “Science and Innovations”, Rosatom Technical Academy participated in the section. The section was moderated by Prof. Vladimir Artisiuk, Vice-rector for international cooperation at Rosatom Technical Academy, and Mr. Pavel Sushkov, Head of education programmes at JSC «Science and Innovations».

According to the participants of the section, the study of projects for the involvement and retention of young people in high-tech industries shows the uniformity of approaches in various international organizations (such as, for example, in the European Network for Nuclear Education, ENEN). The key types of involvement are: programmes of interaction with specialized universities, internship offers on a competitive basis, the holding of specialized seminars, training and technical tours in international organizations. The development of research competencies is not completed with graduation from a university, but studying at a specialized university is a key stage in the process. Therefore, the programmes of interaction among nuclear energy enterprises and specialized universities should be an obligatory element for the development of the personnel reserve of ROSATOM.

In this context, NRNU MEPhI presented the experience of implementing the joint master educational programme “Nuclear Power Technologies of the New Generation”, aimed at training personnel for the “Proryv” project, as well as approaches of the Seversk Technological Institute of NRNU MEPhI to provide the Project with personnel.

The Tomsk Polytechnic University, for its part, presented its approach to training a new generation of young specialists in perspective nuclear technologies. It also shared the experience of implementing international English-language educational programmes (master and short-term ones) in the field of nuclear energy use targeted at newcomer countries, mainly interested in the construction of the Centers for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST).

By the results of the section’s work its participants introduced a proposal for the organization of an international school on technologies of the “Proryv” project aimed at global promotion of perspective nuclear technologies with the involvement of the IAEA’s INPRO Project, Generation IV International Forum (GIF), etc.; as well as for defining the “Proryv” project as a launching pad for mapping scientific and technical competencies of universities, including in terms of educational support of scientific continuity (knowledge preservation) for the capacity building.