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Talivandr is web-based glossary of technical terms in nuclear industry.

RosatomTech Web-Glossary Liflet


RosatomTech is Unique Platform for Building E-Glossary of Nuclear Terms

Rosatom Technical Academy or Rosatom Tech is a brand new organization which inherited its mission, functions and duties from Rosatom Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (Rosatom CICET) – the leading organization of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom in supporting countries embarking on nuclear power programmes.

The mission of the Rosatom Tech is to increase the professional competencies of workers in the global sphere of nuclear technology to meet the goals of sustainable development worldwide.

RosatomTech Cooperation with IAEA

In September 2011 Rosatom CICET, Rosenergoatom and International Atomic Agency (IAEA) signed trilateral practical arrangement on mutual assistance in organizing training courses for human resources development in the countries embarking on nuclear power programmes. Since then the organization has been working constantly to become a center of excellence in the following areas:

• support of nuclear infrastructure development in embarking countries;
• support in development of scientific and technology centers to increase national intellectual potential;
• training of licensed operational personnel of NPP.

Needless to say that nuclear knowledge management is a prerequisite of any activities in these areas.

In 2017 and 2016 two Joint ROSATOM-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management Schools (NEM Schools) focusing on Nuclear Infrastructure Development were organized by the IAEA at Rosatom Tech thus bringing new dimension in cooperation with IAEA.

New Generation Web-Glossary of Nuclear Terms

Crosscutting paradigm among all Rosatom Tech activities is safety culture which is significantly affected by national culture, mentality and language.

Globalization of nuclear power technology is tightly bound to nuclear knowledge transfer process which inevitably requires clear communication between numerous stakeholders. To address these issues Rosatom Tech has developed a special digital tool – a web-glossary of technical terms aimed to support the training for specialists and managers in the nuclear field.

Practical Cases are Foundation of Glossary

The extensive collection of technical terms of nuclear industry was born during translation of original training materials for training of

• licenced NPP operation personnel for Rooppur NPP in Republic of Bangladesh
• personnel of operator organization of Hanhikivi NPP in Finland.

The new glossary was built around accumulated database of terms by securely locating them in the Web and providing access to it via program environment.

Structure of the Glossary

Glossary is located at remote web-server and available to any user with internet access. Database of nuclear terms contains

  • thousands of terms and their translations
  • detailed comment sections.

General Overview of the Glossary:

Comments for term contain:

1) Examples of alternative word use
2) Description of term (Ru and Eng)
3) Official Documentation References (IAEA. NRC and other web-links)

VVER Technology in Demand all over World

Russia leads the world in nuclear reactor exports, building and financing new nuclear power plants in several countries.

Invitation for Cooperation

Worldwide practice proves that national NPP operators have a trend to translate technical documents received from a vendor to local languages.

Rosatom Tech kindly welcomes countries wishing to participate in extending glossary collection of terms along with their translation and explanation in their native languages.

You can download RosatomTech Web-Glossary here – Download Web-Glossary RT

Contact Person: Mr Eugeny Varseev  – EVVarseev@rosatomtech.ru