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INTERVIEWYury Seleznev, Rector of Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training

INTERVIEWYury Seleznev, Rector of Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training

– Mr. Seleznev, “Rosatom” has announced the international expansion of Russian nuclear technology. How do you see the participation of your institute in this process?
– The concept of Institute development, approved at the end of late last year in “Rosatom”, defines training&educational support for “Rosatom” international initiatives as the main strategic objective of the Institute. To achieve this goal in 2010 International center for NPP personnel training headed by Prof.Artisyuk with work experience in the international organizations and universities was established. The first task set before the center was the development of programs and training for specialists from organizations of national nuclear infrastructure in the emerging nuclear countries. In 2010 five courses were developed. These are courses on the preparation of bid invitation, site selection and qualification, fuel management, physical protection and project management on NPP construction. Six groups of specialists have been trained at these courses – 4 groups from Egypt last year, and one each from Bangladesh and Vietnam this year. We also plan to develop at least five more courses and conduct pilot training on them for the same countries.

– Mr. Seleznev, how do you define the list of the courses?
– The main outlines of personnel training for the national nuclear infrastructure are identified by IAEA documents. Basing on these recommendations, we have prepared a list of the 20 courses that provide training to build up the competencies of infrastructure specialists needed to build so called NEPIO (Nuclear Energy Programme Implementation Organization), regulating authority and operating organization. This list was discussed with industry experts and approved by the Directorate of the Nuclear Power Complex. This list is not final and can be expanded according to the needs of recipient countries.

– Who pays for the development of such courses?
– Funding for the development is carried out within the framework of international strategic project implemented by HR Management in “Rosatom”.

– After the training of specialists for the infrastructure, what are the perspectives of your Institute?
– Currently, the program on personnel training for overseas nuclear power plants of Russian design is awaiting approval. To implement this program, the consortium of leading industry organizations is setting. We expect that “CICE&T” will be able to carry out theoretical training of operating personnel and senior managers.

– As far as I know, managers’ training has been the function of “CICE&T” for many years, however your organization has never been engaged in the NPP personnel training.
Right you are. But first of all for many years “CICE&T” trains NPP specialists including operating personnel on various aspects of their activity. For example, the issues of safety culture, nuclear and radiation safety, industrial safety, fuel cycle technology, besides many courses on technical competencies. Second, last year, at the order of “Rosatom” “CICE&T” was appointed as a head of the scientific-methodical system of NPP personnel training. Under the project on a system of personnel training development, we have been developing regulations on training organization, model programs and educational materials for operating personnel training. Third, under the project on infrastructure we have developed courses in Reactor and Turbine Island, pilot trainings in which we plan to hold in September – October this year. Fourth, in recent years the staff of the Institute has been replenished by highly qualified professionals with experience in practical work at the NPP and Training Center.

– But training of operating personnel will require practical part.
Of course. For this purpose we have reached an agreement with “Rosenergoatom” to conduct practical trainings in our branches, established on the basis of Training Centers of nuclear power plants. We already have positive experience in conducting practical trainings together with Balakovo NPP Training Center.

– The last question, about your current presentation on Information-Training Center, what is it?
We consider the Information-Training Center as an individual object of the infrastructure, which should ensure the implementation of tasks on information work and promotion of nuclear energy among the population, vocational guidance and advanced training of NPP site all personnel. This is an individual commercial product, which we expect to make available under the contract on the NPPs construction together with our colleagues in a consortium setting: “Concern Rosenergoatom”, “Atomtekhenergo” and “VNIIAES”.

Interviewed by Chief Editor of Nuclear&Environmental Journal Ms. Alyona Yakovleva