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Journalists from South Africa visited Rosatom Technical Academy

Journalists from South Africa visited Rosatom Technical Academy

On August, 30 the representatives of the South African Broadcasting Corporation visited Rosatom Technical Academy to create a documentary about the history of the world’s nuclear energy.

In the interview with Vladislav Smolskii, Development Director of Rosatom Technical Academy, the historical aspects of nuclear energy development in Russia, the contribution of Obninsk in the formation of a peaceful atom and the socio-economic significance of the world’s first nuclear power plant for the city were discussed.

One of the most topical issues was the specific features of the Russian nuclear power industry in general and the development of nuclear education in Russia and abroad.

During the conversation, Joseph Oesi raised the important issue of personnel training for countries that have just embarked on the way of nuclear energy development.

“Trainees from the newcomer countries are highly motivated to develop national nuclear power programmes. Based on the results of the entrance tests, we see that the level of training is quite high. But the training of specialists will not address all the challenges concerning the preparation of a sufficient number of specialists for related industries, for work in universities and scientific organizations.

To solve this problem, Rosatom Technical Academy facilitates the transfer of nuclear education to the partner countries of ROSATOM. Thus, in addition to directly implementing contractual obligations for the construction of a nuclear facility abroad, ROSATOM contributes to the creation of a whole new direction of education within the country” – commented Vladislav Smolskii.

During the visit, the guests also visited another nuclear education center in Obninsk – the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering (OINPE NRNU MEPhI). In the future, to continue the shooting the delegation is expected to make trips to France, the United States, Japan and South Korea.



The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) was established in 1927. It is the only public broadcaster in South Africa and is broadcasting from Johannesburg. It’s an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

On the territory of South Africa, the Kuberg NPP is operating, the construction of which ended in 1984. Two reactors of the French type CP1 PWR are installed at the Kuberg NPP with a total capacity of 1,880 MW. The Kuberg NPP is the only nuclear power plant not only in South Africa, but throughout the African continent.