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Experts of the Technical Academy and JSC "New Era of Industrial Technologies" Conducted a Pilot Course on the Physical Protection System for Employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR

Specialists of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Institute of the Rosatom Technical Academy, with the organizational support of "New Era of Industrial Technologies" JSC, conducted classes on the territory of the Republic of Turkey for AKKUYU NUCLEAR employees on the followong topic "General Course on Analytical Work and Internal Control in the Physical Protection System".

During the week, the Akkuyu NPP specialists responsible for various aspects of the plant's security got acquainted with the international regulatory framework and the procedure for analyzing and updating the description of threats in the field of nuclear security, as well as with the goals and objectives of analytical work, methods of analyzing the functioning of engineering and technical means of physical protection, the organization and procedure for conducting internal control.


The proposed course is based on international practice, in particular, a series of IAEA publications on nuclear security, taking into account Russian experience and the specifics of the Akkuyu NPP project.

According to the results of the training, the students passed an exit test, where they showed good results in academic performance and the quality of assimilation of training modules.

For reference:

Russia is consistently developing international trade and economic relations, giving priority to cooperation with friendly countries. The implementation of joint projects in the energy sector continues. Rosatom and its enterprises are actively involved in this work.

The Rosatom Technical Academy makes a significant contribution to the consolidation of efforts to ensure effective and reliable physical protection of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities and the Akkuyu NPP as a whole. This pilot course is adapted for the conditions of the future operation of the station under construction in Turkey. The training of the employees of AKKUYU NUCLEAR within the framework of the course was the next stage in the package of a comprehensive plan for the training of specialists in the physical protection of nuclear power plants in the field of nuclear security, designed for the future until 2027.