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Representatives of the Rosatom Technical Academy took part in the forum «ENYGF 2021»

September 27-30, 2021, the European Youth Nuclear Forum (ENYGF-2021) was held in Tarragona, Spain.

The purpose of the Forum is to provide young professionals with opportunities to exchange experience in the development of advanced scientific technologies related to all areas of production, application and development of nuclear energy.

The organizers of the Forum have chosen 4 main topics that are the most discussed and promising to date:

  • «Small modular reactors»,
  • «Energy transition: the role of nuclear energy»,
  • «Radioactive waste»,
  • «Breakthroughs in Nuclear Fuel & Materials».

Due to the tense epidemiological situation, ENYGF 2021 was held in a new hybrid format; the congress included both a face-to-face and a virtual conference.

Rosatom Technical Academy was represented by 10 young specialists from all branches.


Denis Aga77719ebc-12e6-4523-931b-0c9a6d8bfaad.jpgfonovspecialist for international affairs:“Many young specialists of the Technical Academy, in addition to their main activities, somehow deal with scientific research, for example, doing postgraduate studies and preparing Ph.D. theses.

Of course, during this process, there is a periodic need to participate in conferences and publish the results of their intellectual work.

It is not always possible to do this easily and simply, besides, now the situation is further worsened by the restrictions associated with the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

In this cases, the ENYGF’21 youth Nuclear Forum is an excellent opportunity for young scientists and researchers not only to present the results of their scientific activities to the general public, including foreign colleagues, but also to get acquainted with the current developments of Russian and foreign specialists in promising areas of nuclear science and technology, importantly, because young nuclear specialists of the Technical Academy need to constantly be aware of the latest trends in the nuclear industry to maintain their high qualifications”