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New directions in cooperation with the European Nuclear Education Network Association

New directions in cooperation with the European Nuclear Education Network Association

On June 21st, during the ATOMEXPO-2017, ROSATOM-CICE&T organized the final meeting of a joint project of the European Nuclear Education Network Association and ROSATOM-CICE&T called “ENEN-RU II, Strengthening of Cooperation and Exchange for Nuclear Education and Training between the European Union and the Russian Federation”. During the event the participants shared results of the project implementation and discussed plans for further cooperation between organizations of Russian Federation and European Union in the field of nuclear education, training and research.

Realization of the next project, ENEN-RU III, is planned to start in 2018 in the framework of the Eight EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “HORIZON 2020”. It is proposed that as a natural continuation of the results achieved during the first two projects the content of the third will be extended to include also a research (in addition to nuclear education and training).The European Nuclear Education Network was represented by the ENEN President Prof. Leon Cizelj, ENEN Secretary General Mr. Pedro Dieguez Porras and colleagues from ENEN-member organization of the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Italy. The Ural Federal University, NRNU MEPhI and ROSATOM-CICE&T were contributing to the meeting from the Russian side.

The European side noted interest in including in the content of the third project topics related to the generation IV reactors (GenIV) and fuel cycles based on REMIX and MOX fuels. The latter subject can be naturally included in the extended version of the course “The safety issues of VVER-type reactors with nuclear fuel based on reprocessed uranium“, which ROSATOM-CICE&T proposed as one of the initiatives for inclusion in the ENEN-RU III project. The topic associated with the GenIV reactors was discussed to be realized through a joint research, which is proposed to be conducted in the format of internships lasting 1-4 months.

On the ENEN’s proposal Hungarian and Finnish organizations will be included in the ENEN-RU III project. From the Russian side, the Ural Federal University is supposed to be included in the project activity.


The European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN) is a non-profit international organization under French Law of 1901, aiming at the preservation and further development of higher nuclear education and expertise through the co-operation between universities, research organizations, regulatory bodies, the industry and any other organizations involved in the application of nuclear science and ionizing radiation.

The ENEN-RU project was initiated by Euratom in 2008 through a sub-group 5 (Education and Training) of the Euratom-ROSATOM Working Group on cooperation in nuclear fission research. During realization of the first project two training courses were organized: “Engineering aspects of nuclear fuel fabrication” – ROSATOM-CICE&T, Russia, May 20-26, 2012 (for European students); “Experimental reactor physics” – CTU, Czech Republic, October 1-5, 2012 (for Russian young specialists). The ENEN-RU received high marks from the European Commission and the project was recommended for prolongation in the format of ENEN-RU II (2014-2017).