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New Stage of Cooperation between Rosatom Tech and IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

New Stage of Cooperation between Rosatom Tech and IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

Among the 45 IAEA collaborating centers around the world, Rosatom Technical Academy is the only center cooperating through three departments of the Agency: the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications (agreement signed in 2020), the Department of Nuclear Energy and the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security (agreement signed in 2019). The main area of cooperation with the Department of Nuclear Energy is nuclear knowledge management and the development of human resources for nuclear energy. The key partners on the part of the Agency are 2 sections — the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section and the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section (NKM). And in cooperation with this section the Nuclear Knowledge Management School and a Nuclear Energy Management School are held on an annual basis in Russia.

In addition to schools, the NKM Section has an experience of conducting Knowledge Management Assist Visits (KMAV), which is an integrated approach designed to help IAEA Member States maintain and preserve knowledge in nuclear organizations. KMAV reviews established knowledge management practices of the relevant nuclear organization and provide expert advice on further improving strategies for the preservation of knowledge in the country. This mission is intended for organizations such as Nuclear Power Plants, research centers, regulators, and universities.

The missions have been implemented since 2005 and took place in countries such as China, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the UAE, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Pakistan, Armenia, etc. The Agency has traditionally invited E&T organizations to demonstrate knowledge management experiences and best practices. Representatives of Rosatom Technical Academy participated in KMAV in Indonesia and Mongolia in 2018.

In 2020, the pandemic had an effect on the mechanism for conducting missions. Due to the wide experience of conducting events in the virtual format, a new element was introduced into the KMAV mechanism — an online workshop, as a preparatory stage that preceded a real mission. An online workshop for the Republic of Uzbekistan was held from 19 to 20 October to assess and support existing programmes at the national level.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Wei Huang, Head of the IAEA Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management, Workshop Leader Mr. Oszvald Gloeckler, NKM Section Representative, and 2 external experts invited by the Agency, Mr. Atilla Aszodi, Professor at the University of Technology and Economics of Budapest and Head of the Moscow Branch of the International Training Centre, Ms. Alesia Iunikova.

It is important to note that the needs of IAEA member countries in conducting KMAV missions are growing, missions to Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Armenia, Korea, Brazil, Jordan, UAE and other countries are planned for 2021.