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Training course “Security and safeguards” for NEPIO completed at ROSATOM-CICE&T.

Training course “Security and safeguards” for NEPIO completed at ROSATOM-CICE&T.

On December 4, 2015 the training course “Security and safeguards” for NEPIO (Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization) of the embarking states oriented to WWER Technology completed at ROSATOM-CICE&T.

This training course was organized for specialists from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Republic of Belarus, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Socialist Republic of Vietnam and it is a part of a series of special training courses developed to support the partner countries in their capacity building to perform management and regulation of nuclear power programme. This is also a part of integrated package of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” to facilitate NPP programme development in emerging states.

During the course participants exchaged their views on the needs and priorities in the field of physical protection and safeguards and made a practical work on developing plans for competence building needed to establish “security” and “safegaurds” as essential elements of national nuclear infrastructure. Especially helpful in this endeavour was practical experience of Belarussian expert Mr. Shigera.

Building partner relations with nuclear newcomers the Russian Federation is interested in long-term, sustainable, safe and secure implementation of new nuclear power programs in accordance with international legal instruments and international  obligations on nuclear safety, security and  non-proliferation.

Safeguards is a system of inspection and verification of the peaceful uses of nuclear materials as part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, supervised by the IAEA.Russian Federation has become the first country that implemented a system of international centers providing nuclear fuel cycle services, including enrichment, on a non-discriminatory basis and under the control of the IAEA, announced by the President of the Russian Federation at the EurAsia Economic Community Summit in St. Petersburg on January 25, 2006.  (http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/23407).


ROSATOM-CICE&T organizes workshops and training courses for NEPIO oriented to WWER technology on a regular basis and serves as a platform to exchange views on the needs and priorities between NEPIO managers from embarking states and Russian experts involved in ROSATOM activities supporting global nuclear infrastructure development.

The 1st Workshop was held on 3-7 December, 2012 to build up a group of Russian Experts for providing assistance to embarking states (http://rosatomtech.com/?p=329).

The 2d Workshop was held on 1-5 December, 2014 to provide senior NEPIO managers with the info on Rosatom integrated proposal and services in the area of Nuclear Infrastructure development (http://rosatomtech.com/?p=1385).