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Pilot Course for Top Managers of NEPIO during Scientific Visit of Vietnamese Specialists under IAEA TC Programme in CICET

Pilot Course for Top Managers of NEPIO during Scientific Visit of Vietnamese Specialists under IAEA TC Programme in CICET

In accordance with practical arrangements signed by IAEA, JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom” and CICET to assist in training and capacity building in new nuclear countries, CICET initiated development of Training Course for Top Managers of NEPIO “Start-up of nuclear power programmes”. According to IAEA terminology NEPIO stands for Nuclear Energy Programme Implementation Organization. It’s obvious that human resource development policy is crucial for any nuclear power programme. As a rule each vendor country has its own system of nuclear specialists training and specific national traditions in personnel selection and recruiting as well as staffing policies of NPP. The newcomer countries face the challenge of accepting the training system along with technology from vendor country. The above mentioned course for managers of NEPIO being developed in CICET includes substantial portion of activities in the area of planning human resource development to staff operating organization from early stage of its development to commissioning of NPP.

The course for NEPIO was piloted during scientific visit of Vietnamese specialists from Viet Nam Electricity (Deputy Director of Organization and HR Department Ms. PHAN Thi Hong Hanh, Deputy Head of Organization and Human Resource Division Mr.TRAN Van Tuan) and Ministry of Industry and Trade (Deputy Director of Nuclear Power Department Mr.PHAN Ngoc Tuyen) conducted under the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Programme (02-15 October).

The training for visitors was designed not in the form of lectures but in the form of discussions with top HRD specialists from leading Russian organizations, including utilities (JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”), organization responsible for NPP commissioning (JSC “Atomtechenergo”) and maintenance (JSC “Atomenergoremont”). The level of experts invited by CICET was rather high. Their list includes Deputy Head of HR Department Mr. S. Aksinenko, Leading Expert of HR Department Mr. O. Shmakov (JSC Concern Rosenergoatom), Head of HR Department Mr.V. Samusev (JSC Atomtechenergo), Head of Technological Department Mr. G. Izotov (JSC Atomenergoremont). As a result of discussions in CICET the Vietnamese side received valuable input data to elaborate on roadmap of national HRD programme to cover various areas including stage of NPP commissioning, stage of NPP operation supplemented with regular maintenance. Various options of NPP staffing were investigated reflecting specifics of maintenance organization either in the structure of NPP or from outsourcing.


One training day was fully devoted to introduction into activity of JSC “Atomstroyexport”. Specifics of localization process in a recipient country was presented by Mr. N.Poznyakov, Mr. F.Sai and Mr. O.Korovyakov (Division of International Business & Marketing), Mr.V. Kukhto (Head of Dpt. of Commerce) and Ms.Miruschenko (Dpt. of Construction).

The input information received in CICET was later benchmarked during facility visits at Novovoronezhskaya NPP – 1 (currently operating VVER reactors), Novovoronezhskaya NPP – 2 (currently under construction), Training Center of JSC Atomtechenergo and JSC Atomenergoremont, both in Novovoronezh city. It’s important to note that nowadays in Novovoronezh under construction is the Training Center for NPP – 2 which is announced to be a reference center for new generation of NPPs to be built both in Russia and abroad. Head of the Training Department of Novovoronezhskaya NPP – 2 Dr.S.Lyashenko made a comprehensive presentation of their experience of recruiting and training people and schedule requirements for installing the full scope simulator and other associated with training facilities.

During scientific visits Vietnamese delegation had a chance to participate in International Conference NPP Safety and Personnel Training where Ms. PHAN Thi Hong Hanh presented joint paper on The Glossary Development for the Specialists of Nuclear Infrastructure.
As the main result of this visit both CICET and Vietnamese side agreed to develop the sequence of short-term training courses to go deeply in the specifics of Russian experience in pre-construction, construction and commissioning stages of NPP.