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Practical training workshop for members of Rosatom enterprises pool of experts with participation of IAEA, OECD NEA and ITER representatives

Practical training workshop for members of Rosatom enterprises pool of experts with participation of IAEA, OECD NEA and ITER representatives

From 12 to 16 October as part of the industry-wide target programme the practical workshop for employees of the Russian nuclear industry to strengthen their competencies required to cooperate with international organizations was held in the Moscow branch of Rosatom Technical Academy. The workshop was organized by the Rosatom Tech International Training Centre, Moscow branch and held online for the first time.

The opening session of the workshop was devoted to the Agency for Nuclear Energy of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD NEA). Representatives of the OECD NEA regularly participate in practical training workshops since 2018. The opening session was attended by Deputy Director General of Rosatom Ms Tatyana Terentyeva and OECD NEA Director General Mr William Magwood IV. (main photo of the article).

“The annual workshop with the participation of the HR divisions of the international organizations is the main event of the programme. Taking into account the current pandemic situation the participants were selected and trained online. In spite of this, the competition among them was very high and only 40 experts were selected from 90 candidates”, – Ms Tatyana Terentyeva noted in her welcoming speech.

“Russia is being a member for almost 8 years. 5 people from Russia are now working in OECD NEA and the number is expected to grow. It is important to bring the existing Russian expertise into the Agency” – Mr William Magwood IV added during his speech.

On the second day of the workshop, the representatives of the international ITER project (project on creation of the international experimental fusion reactor) gave lectures to the workshop participants. The Head of the Project Center ITER of ROSATOM (Russian Agency ITER),
Mr Vladimir Vlasenkov, the Director of ITER Strategy Council, Mr Takayosi Omae, and the Head of the Department of Construction Management of ITER, Mr Katsumi Okayama, who provided information on the global status and the current progress of the project and also on cooperation with the international organizations. The HR specialist of ITER, Mr Hyunejune Choe, shared the information on the employment process.

Representatives of the HR service of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) traditionally held the final three-day module of the workshop, which includes lecture sessions and practical exercises in groups. At the opening of the session, the Acting Director of the Human Resources Division of the IAEA, Mr William Tan, made a welcoming statement from the IAEA. During the training, participants were given lectures on the structure and tasks of the IAEA, all stages of selection for a position in an international organization were explained, the application process for a vacancy was demonstrated. An individual mock-up interview with a participant simulated a panel interview at the final stage of the selection of a candidate for a vacant position in the IAEA.

On the final day of the event, a separate session on gender policy was organized. The main objective of the session was to provide information on the IAEA activities on gender equality, to discuss the importance of the topic and to introduce key definitions related to this topic.

Ms Mary Alice Heyward, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Management, and Ms Marina Belyaeva, Director for International Cooperation of ROSATOM, moderated by Mr Vladimir Artisyuk, Counselor to the Director General of ROSATOM, took part in the closing ceremony of the practical training workshop.

“The IAEA continues to encourage women as well as men with the right sight of technical skills and experience to apply to the vacant position in the IAEA. Researches show that greater diversity in organizational structures is directly correlated with gains of operational effectiveness, improving innovation, strategic-making and decision-making” – Ms Mary Alice Hayward shared her thoughts with the audience during the closing ceremony of the workshop.“Within the last five years, ROSATOM have been implementing an industry-oriented programme to optimize the process of selecting Russian experts for employment in international organizations. 14 people from the pool have already become employees of the IAEA, OECD NEA and WANO. Three of them were hired this year and six experienced specialists are going through the final stages of selection for vacant positions in the IAEA and in the OECD NEA” – Ms Marina Belyaeva noted when summing up the workshop.

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The Target Programme was launched in 2016 in order to create a mechanism for selecting and training employees of SAEC “Rosatom” and its enterprises to work in international organizations in the field of nuclear energy. Under this Programme the Practical Training Workshop is being held for the fifth consecutive year with representatives of HR divisions of international organizations (IAEA, OECD NEA, ITER) with the aim to educate experts on the procedures for participation in the competition for vacant positions in these organizations. The workshop is the final stage of the preparation of experts before applying for the competition for vacant positions in international organizations.