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Representative of World Nuclear University has visited Obninsk

Representative of World Nuclear University has visited Obninsk

In preparation for the 5th School on Radiation Technologies (RT School) of the World Nuclear University (WNU) the Training Manager of WNU Ms Silke Klassen visted Obninsk on May 20-21, 2019. RT School along with the Sessions of the World Nuclear University is one of the main products of WNU and is held in various countries every two years. The initiative to conduct RT School in Obninsk belongs to Rosatom Tech. It is based on the fact that the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, following global trends to expand the non-energy nuclear technologies application for sustainable development, interacts with a number of newcomer countries in order to establish national Centers for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST). Since Rosatom Tech accumulated a significant amount of experience in cooperation with the IAEA on issues regarding building nuclear infrastructure in newcomer countries, it has been proposed as a collection point for educational competencies in support of CNST establishing and as an office for interacting with relevant international organizations. An important fact is the experience of holding, together with the IAEA and with the support of the WNU, a Special Scientific Session on Nuclear Medicine in 2006 at the Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training (predecessor of the Rosatom Tech). In fact, the First Science City of Russia, Obninsk, is the national CNST. The city has the competence and material base in the field of research reactors (Karpov Institue of Physical Chemestry), radiation technologies for agriculture and environmental monitoring (Russian Institute of Radiology and Agroecology), production of isotopes (Leypunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry), nuclear medicine (Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center) application of nuclear technologies in industry (Tekleor LLC).

In November 2015, the head of the WNU, Ms Patricia Wieland, visited Rosatom Tech (at that time the Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training of Rosatom) to get acquainted with the material base and conditions of the RT School. In February 2019 the meeting was held at the Nordic Nuclear Forum in Helsinki to sign the Agreement between the Rosatom Tech and the World Nuclear Association, under the auspices of which the WNU operates, on holding a RT School in Obninsk.

The current visit of the Training manager of WNU, Ms Silke Klassen, is an indication that the preparation of the RT School from the political plane has passed to the implementation stage.

The visit’s organization was preceded by an appeal from State Duma Deputy G.I. Sklyar to enterprises of the Obninsk about the importance of supporting the WNU event.

During the visit, a round table “Obninsk, as a distributed model of the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology: practical experience and demonstration of the possibilities of non-power application of radiation technologies by city enterprises” was held with the support of the City Administration, at the House of Scientists, where the Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economic Development G.E. Annaniev and Deputy Director General of the Agency for Innovative Development of the Kaluga Region JSC P.Yu. Grankov gave speeches. Representatives of the Obninsk competence centers made presentations on their activities and potential contribution to the RT-School implementation.

The program of Ms Klassen visit continued with technical tours to the sites of Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry and Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center, where the guest got acquainted with high-tech equipment and qualified personnel of enterprises on practice.

The representative of the WNU highly appreciated the hospitality and attention that the administration and enterprises of the city gave her. Ms Klassen thanked the City Administration and the management of enterprises, who willingly shared their unique research and production experience and are open to further international cooperation.