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Rosatom DG Visiting International Training Center in CICE&T

Rosatom DG Visiting International Training Center in CICE&T

On 2 December Sergey Kirienko, General Director of State Corporation “Rosatom” visited Obninsk where the first nuclear power plant is located. It is symbolic that in the current stage of nuclear power development the homeland of peaceful atom becomes the center for educational support to international expansion of Russian nuclear technologies. This is associated with the activities of two educational establishments: Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” under the Ministry of Education and Science of RF and Central Institute for Continuing Education and Training under Atomenergoprom.


CICE&T is the leading organization in the sphere of training personnel for national nuclear infrastructure for the countries embarking on the way of nuclear power developing. At the 55th General Assembly of the IAEA, CICE&T together with Rosenergoatom signed the practical arrangements with the IAEA on cooperation in training personnel for nuclear infrastructure in newcoming countries. As a part of these arrangements, together with the IAEA, the International Center for training national personnel of NPPs, including NPP operators, is being established. Director of this center, Professor V. Artisyuk introduced the current status and the plans for future development.

Nowadays the Center focuses its activity on the development of the series of courses for specialists of national nuclear infrastructure. Along with the course development the new generation of English speaking trainees will be grown to support global expansion of Russian nuclear education and training system. In accordance with practical arrangements, the Center will be engaged in translation of the IAEA publications on nuclear infrastructure. The planning horizon is up to 2015. In coming years international experts are supposed to join the course delivery. Of special importance is the review of the courses’ materials by the IAEA experts which is going to be completed in 2013. The focal point of 2015 is to grow Russian experts for the IAEA missions in newcoming countries. As one of the most important conclusions Professor V. Artisyuk stressed the necessity to start up Information & Training Center in the recipient country simultaneously with the first concrete at the NPP site. Such an approach envisages efficient support of the process of localization. The early start up will meet the challenge of workforce development at the stage of NPP construction and commissioning. At the peak time as many as 5000 of construction workers and 3000 of commissioning workers are simultaneously expected at the site. Training of this category of specialists is one of the main tasks of the Center before fuel loading.

After presentation of the Center Mr. Kirienko accompanied by CICE&T Rector Mr. Seleznev visited the international students’ dormitory and had a talk with Vietnamese student Mr. Vu Hoang Hai about study in Obninsk and future perspectives. At the closing ceremony Mr. Kirienko mentioned that Obninsk plays the role of incubator of future national technological elites.