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Rosatom has Completed Training on VVER technology for Representatives of Educational Organizations in Egypt

Rosatom has Completed Training on VVER technology for Representatives of Educational Organizations in Egypt

A special short-term online course “Technological Aspects of AES-2006 (VVER-1200). Development of Nuclear Curricula on VVER Technology” was held for Egyptian organizations on 14-25 December 2020.

The programme was a part of a series of “Train-The-Trainers” courses developed by Rosatom Technical Academy in cooperation with the leading “nuclear” universities of Russia and under ROSATOM’s support to facilitate the transfer of nuclear education – the process of localizing competencies in building human capacity for nuclear projects in newcomer countries.

More than 40 participants attended the event representing Egyptian universities developing nuclear programmes, Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, and other national organizations involved in the capacity building for the country’s nuclear energy programme. The interest from the Egyptian side was assured by the fact that the number of applications to attend the course was four times higher than the number of trainees originally planned by the organizers.

Grigory Sosnin, Vice-president of JSC EC “ASE” – director of the El-Dabaa NPP construction project, addressed the course attendees with a welcoming speech on behalf of himself and of Dr. Amged El-Wakeel, the Chairman of the Board of NPPA. “This course is an important milestone in the development of our cooperation with Egypt – the transfer of knowledge, technology, and experience is starting. The students of our course – outstanding scientists, teachers, representatives of the best universities in Egypt – will later help in training the personnel of the nuclear power plant that we are constructing. This double energy of knowledge sharing will lead us to success” – Grigory Sosnin emphasized the importance of the event.

For two weeks of the training, experts from Rosatom Tech and JSC EC “ASE” were sharing their experience and the best practices in the basic aspects of the VVER-1200 reactor technology, operation and safety of the AES-2006 design, engineering aspects of nuclear fuel, got familiar with the computer codes for justification of reactor systems with VVER reactors including program complex Korsar and new digital product of Rosatom Logos and with the development of relevant educational programs at universities with an emphasis on the practical component.


“Rosatom Technical Academy is the industry’s technological integrator responsible for training personnel for nuclear facilities built by ROSATOM abroad, including for the El-Dabaa NPP construction project. The interest shown from the Egyptian side confirms the demand for such educational events and the need for comprehensive support in this area. I am sure that the course will become a new page of our cooperation in the interests of implementing the NPP construction project and the national nuclear energy programme of Egypt” – stressed out Dr. Yuri Seleznev, rector of the Rosatom Technical Academy, in his speech.

The training course on VVER technology in the “Train-The-Trainers” format has been held by Rosatom Tech for the fourth time and has recommended itself as being in demand in terms of training foreign audiences in support of establishing educational programs on VVER technology in universities of partner countries.

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In 2020, despite the limitations associated with the pandemic, Rosatom Tech has successfully conducted three online training courses in the “Train-The-Trainers” format with 97 international participants: International ROSATOM School on Nuclear Capacity Building, the course “Medical Applications of Nuclear Technologies and Related Educational Programs” and the abovementioned course on technological aspects of AES-2006. Besides, to promote Russian proposals in the field of nuclear education, a showcase webinar “ROSATOM Train-The-Trainers Courses to Support Nuclear Capacity Building for the Newcomer Countries” was held, which brought together more than 100 participants from 33 countries.

In cooperation with the core partner universities of ROSATOM in 2021, Rosatom Tech plans to hold ten training events in the “Train-The-Trainers” format, covering a wide range of topics: from electricity generation at nuclear power plants of large and small scale and creation of modern radiopharmaceuticals at research reactors to irradiation of medical supplies, agricultural products, and the imaging and treatment of cancer. As the new fields for this format will be the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, as well as engineering competencies in the construction and operation of nuclear facilities.