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Rosatom Tech held discussion on International University for Nuclear Education

Rosatom Tech held discussion on International University for Nuclear Education

The authorities of the Kaluga region, together with the Rosatom State Corporation discussed the establishment of an international University for Nuclear Education in Obninsk. This was stated by Kaluga region Governor Vladislav Shapsha in the framework of the panel discussion “Energy’s Future”, which was held at the Rosatom Technical Academy.

The discussion forum “Energy’s Future” was organized by the “Global energy” association aimed at the development of international research and projects in the field of the power industry. For the first time, the field meeting was held in the Kaluga region. The main issues raised by the participants of the meeting related to the development of global nuclear energy in the face of threats of a new coronavirus pandemic, and strategic guidelines for regional energy development.

The panel was moderated by Sergey Brilev, President of the «Global energy» Association. Speakers — first Deputy Director General of Rosatom Kirill Komarov, head of the Kaluga region Vladislav Shapsha, Vice-President of the World Energy Council Oleg Budargin, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Evgeny Grabchak, Deputy Director-General of Rosseti Corporation Konstantin Mikhailik. The main topic was the power industry prospects. From traditional, based on hydrocarbons and nuclear – to alternative power.

Since the discussion was hosted by Obninsk, the prospects of the science city were not spared.  First of all, as a living example of a city created around the nuclear industry. “The impact of nuclear power on everyday life is a story not only about getting energy and creating direct jobs,” Kirill Komarov said. “This includes people’s level of education, social infrastructure, and much more.”

However, as Kirill Komarov noted, people are increasingly concerned about how energy is produced. “Rosatom has built a wind farm in Adygea,” he recalled. — And we have quite a lot of people willing to pay about 10% more for this energy than for traditional energy.”

When asked which of the new energy projects are ready to see in the Kaluga region, Vladislav Shapsha said: “We have been living together with Rosatom for a long time, and we will implement projects that relate to both practical production and the field of knowledge. Without knowledge, the development of the industry is impossible. This is why we are working with the state Corporation and the Ministry of education to create a world-class University in Obninsk focused on nuclear education».

The meeting occurred after a working meeting between  Mr. Vladislav Shapsha and CEO of the state Corporation Mr. Alexey Likhachev earlier this month discussing Rosatom’s investment in the development of innovative research and technology center in Obninsk.