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Rosatom Tech held Scientific Visit on   Establishing an Owner/Operator for New Nuclear Power Programmes

Rosatom Tech held Scientific Visit on   Establishing an Owner/Operator for New Nuclear Power Programmes

The Interregional Group Scientific Visit on Establishing an Owner/Operator for New or Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes was carried out at the St. Petersburg branch of Rosatom Technical Academy (Rosatom Tech) from 27 to 31 May 2019. The training was organized in the framework of extrabudgetary contribution to the IAEA Technical Cooperation Projects on nuclear infrastructure development in the newcomer countries.

The aim of the Group Scientific Visit was to provide the Member States embarking on new nuclear power programmes with practical guidance and good practices related to the establishment of a knowledgeable and competent owner/operator organization. The training was attended by engineers and managers from Belarus, Brazil, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Romania, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Zambia.

The training programme included lectures delivered by experts from IAEA, Belarusian NPP, Rosenergoatom JSC and Rosatom Tech. It addressed the main and specific aspects in the development of an owner/operator in the country, as well as human resource development (HRD) to ensure NPP safe operation at all stages of nuclear power programme development. Mr Heorhi Shpuntau, Head of the Training Department at the Belarusian NPP shared the unique Belarusian experience, presenting the operating organization evolution in terms of staffing during the implementation of the NPP project. Representatives of Rosenergoatom JSC analyzed the operating organization model taking the Russian case as an example and presented modern practices and trends in personnel training for the nuclear industry. The Rosatom Tech experience in the field of psychophysiological and psychological support of operator’s staff was highlighted by Ms Tatiana Melnitskaia, the Rosatom Tech’s senior expert on international activities.

In addition to lectures, participants visited the Leningrad NPP site and developed a group project “Timeline for NPP key-personnel education” moderated by Mr Denis Podolyakin – Project Director in Rosatom Tech.

The final part of the training was dedicated to a special session where participants presented approaches to establishing an owner/operator in their countries. This activity facilitated the exchange of experience, best practices and lessons learned between representatives of interregional groups.

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The owner/operator is one of the key organizations for the development of a sustainable nuclear power programme for the NPP safe operation in a country. This year Rosatom Technical Academy in cooperation with IAEA hosted the third training on this topic. The official organizer from Rosatom Tech in the framework of the Russian extrabudgetary contribution to the IAEA is the Project Office “Nuclear Infrastructure Personnel Training”.