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Rosatom Tech Participated in the International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020

Rosatom Tech Participated in the International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020

The major international event – International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) was held from March 8 to March 13 in Sydney (Australia). The Congress brought together representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), World Nuclear Association (WNA), ROSATOM, the US Department of Energy (DOE), Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) and other organizations. The main theme for this year’s Congress was the diversity – the diversity of people, scientific areas and the many uses of nuclear technology for medicine, industry, agriculture and climate change mitigation.

In the framework of the IYNC technical programme ROSATOM representatives made over thirty presentations. The representative of Rosatom Technical Academy – Ms Anastasiia Zherebilova (project manager, Moscow branch of the International Training Center for Nuclear Infrastructure) delivered a presentation on the Role of Training Infrastructure and International Cooperation in Internationalization of Nuclear Education and Training within technical track 9 “Communication, Education and Knowledge Management”.

Anastasiia presented the Rosatom Tech’s experience in the field of international cooperation, regular training activities helping the newcomer countries to build national competencies in establishing nuclear infrastructure, the case of Rosatom Tech’s visualization and analysis of large data sets related to worldwide nuclear industry development impact on CO2 emissions presented at IAEA International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power, experience in conducting the first in Russia school on radiation technologies, and plans for 2020. “The Congress allowed participants involved in the peaceful use of nuclear energy around the world exchange information, knowledge and new ideas“, said Anastasiia Zherebilova.

Russia was entitled to hold the next International Youth Nuclear Congress in 2022, following the results of voting for the right to host the next event. 

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The International Youth Nuclear Congress was founded in 1997. This is a non-profit international organization and network that unites students and young professionals from 51 countries, who represent various scientific and industrial areas. The organization’s mission is to develop new approaches to the increase of public awareness about the advantages of nuclear power as a component of the balanced energy mix, to support further peaceful use of nuclear science and technology for the benefit of mankind, and to pass down the knowledge from the today’s generation of leading scientists to the generation to come.