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Rosatom Tech Profile

Institution:Rosatom Technical Academy (Rosatom Tech)
Address:Street: Kurchatov street, 21
Postal Code: 249031
City: Obninsk
Region/District: Kaluga Region
Country: Russian Federation
Email : info@rosatomtech.ru
Website : www.rosatomtech.com

Yury                Nikolaevitch      SELEZNEV

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Area of the collaboration:  Personnel training and competence building in the nuclear field

Description and mission statement:

Rosatom Technical Academy (Rosatom Tech) – is the Center of Excellence for building competence in nuclear engineering. The mission of Rosatom Tech is to increase the professional competencies of workers in the global sphere of nuclear technology to meet the goals of sustainable development worldwide.

The organization is the educational, scientific and methodological center of State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” in the field of ensuring the safe use of nuclear energy, control, operational and supporting processes, and also provides the activities within international cooperation.

National Authority to which the institution reports to

State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” via Rosenergoatom JSC, Electric Power Division of Rosatom

Affiliation with National Institutions

Rosatom Tech also has collaborations with most of organizations which are operated under the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”

Affiliation with International Institutions and Organizations


Years of operation: since 1967

Practical arrangements with IAEA

September 19, 2011 – Trilateral practical arrangements between Rosenergoatom, the IAEA-NE and Rosatom Tech (former Central Institute for Continuous Education and Training – CICE&T) in the area of training and capacity building  for nuclear infrastructure development in the countries embarking on nuclear programmes

Agreement between ROSATOM and the IAEA on Extrabudgetary contribution to the IAEA for the implementation of the IAEA Technical Cooperation projects on the development of nuclear infrastructure of newcomer countries, 2017 – 2019, 2020 – 2023

September, 2018 – Trilateral practical arrangements between Rosatom Tech, the IAEA-NSS and Emergency Response Center of the Rosatom, St. Petersburg in the area of Capacity Building for Nuclear Safety, Radiation Protection and Emergency Planning.

September, 2019 – The status of the IAEA Collaborating Centre for Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development for Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Security

Available facilities:

1) Training Laboratories for Global Nuclear Safety and Security/Poligon in Obninsk

2) Floating NPP simulator (Rosatom Tech Branch in St. Petersburg)

3) Physical Protection and Nuclear Security training facility for Nuclear Infrastructure in Obninsk

4) NPP simulator

5) Computer codes for reactor physics simulation

Main fields of activities at the institution:
1) Training and additional professional education of the specialists from State Atomic Energy Corporation ‘Rosatom’ (‘Rosatom’) and its organizations in the field of nuclear energy;
2) Training and additional professional education of the specialists from ‘Rosatom’ and its organizations, federal and regional executive authorities, military departments and other organizations on programmes of additional professional education in the field of antiterrorist support of Russian nuclear facilities and in the field of ensuring integrated global security;
3) Training and advanced professional education of nuclear infrastructure personnel, contractors’ personnel, operating personnel of NPP and other industrial facilities being built abroad;
4) Selection, preparation and maintenance of the personnel qualification for operating organizations in accordance with the Federal Law of November 21, 1995 No. 170-FL “On the Use of Atomic Energy“.
5) Participation in expert missions to assess the Member States’ requests for support
6) E&T and capacity building including the development of E&T courses or other training events focusing on development of infrustructure in countries embarking on or expanding their nuclear power programmes
Current major activities at the institution:
1) Training and additional professional education of the specialists from ‘Rosatom’
2) Training and additional professional education of NPP personnel and other industrial facilities being built abroad
3) Performing training activities in nuclear field in collaboration with international partners
4) Training of new generation of instructors for training and advanced professional education of personnel of NPP and other industrial facilities being built abroad
Major achievements
50+ years we have been increasing the professional competencies of nuclear workers
350 000+ trainees since 1967
1000+ Involved Scientific and Technical Experts
300+ originally designed and tailored for customer training programmes