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Rosatom Tech Starts Training University Faculty Members on VVER Technology

Rosatom Tech Starts Training University Faculty Members on VVER Technology

A train-the-trainers course for university faculty members titled “Technological Aspects of AES-2006 (VVER-1200). Development of Nuclear Curricula on VVER Technology” was stared on July 10th, 2018 at Rosatom Technical Academy in Obninsk.

28 representatives from 10 countries (Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Zambia) has arrived to the Russian cradle of nuclear power – the Obninsk city – to enhance their knowledge in VVER technology of modern design and develop competences in establishing educational modules on VVER technology. The training is aimed at professors, lecturers and researchers involved in initiation or development of nuclear curricula in universities of countries embarking on nuclear power programmes, in particular, seeking to develop nuclear power with Russian design VVER-1200 reactors.

The course is a part of Rosatom Tech’s project aimed at support of the development of the national nuclear education system in countries embarking on nuclear programmes, which includes inter alia: provision of a platform for cooperation – annual events “Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry”, assistance in establishment of joint educational programmes on nuclear technologies between universities of Russia and partner-countries, development of new generation of textbooks on nuclear technologies by industry experts (example of multimedia course for a developed textbook) and training of faculty staff from universities of partner countries (train-the-trainers). The activities are supported by the ROSATOM project “International cooperation in nuclear education”.

The course is based on a textbook “VVER-1200: Evolution of the Classics. Operation Physics, Systems and Elements, Nuclear Fuel, Safety” (by Andrushechko S.A., Favorov B.Yu, Vasiliev B.Yu, Kosourov K.B, Semchenkov Yu.M, Kuchumov A.Yu., Ukraintsev V.F.) which is the third, updated and translated into English edition of a well-known in Russian-speaking countries textbook for NPP personnel and students. During the training participants will study components, safety system, operation conditions and more about the VVER-1200 reactor and AES-2006 NPP design (modern Russian Generation III+ design) and methodological support on how to develop educational modules based on the textbook. On the second week of the course, the trainees will visit the Novovoronezh NPP Unit 6, which is equipped with the VVER-1200 reactor and is the referential unit for ROSATOM international projects.