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The Pilot Training on “Nuclear Industry Model for Infrastructure Development”

The Pilot Training on “Nuclear Industry Model for Infrastructure Development”

On July, 11-15 at ROSATOM-CICE&T in Obninsk the representatives of the Republican Unitary Enterprise ‘Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant’ attended the training course on ‘Nuclear Industry Model for Infrastructure Development’. The term ‘model’ incorporates the general image of nuclear infrastructure and set of specific actions to be taken to address the challenges of creation and development of nuclear energy programmes in embarking states.

The back bone of this course is the IAEA Milestone Approach methodology that identifies 19 infrastructure issues to be resolved by national competent authorities. The experience, lessons learned and case studies from Russian nuclear industry provide practical and realistic guidelines to be applied in accordance with the national development plans and national priorities for each of the infrastructure issues. This forms the essence of the course and high level objectives.

The course was considered as a pilot training for Top and Middle level managers of the national nuclear authorities of the newcomer countries. The start up with Belorussian partners gave the opportunity to polish the contents of the course through comments, discussions and other feedbacks from the side of the knowledgeable customer – the Belorussian operator. Later on the course is supposed to be used to open the series of workshops and training courses for each of the infrastructure issues. It is worth to note that there is a portfolio of these courses that have been accomplished in 2015 by ROSATOM-CICE&T through the contract with PONI (Project Office on Nuclear Infrastructure) of the JSC ‘Concern Rosenergoatom’ in the framework of the Practical Arrangements with the IAEA.

For the final assessment the trainees were requested to prepare the reports covering their individual expertise on the current status of nuclear infrastructure issues in the Republic of Belarus and to design a Roadmap of their development according to the national plans and following the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission recommendations.

It was the unanimous opinion of the participants that the course should be recommended to newcomer countries that have their plans to perform a self-evaluation before requesting the IAEA INIR mission.