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The technical tour to Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

The technical tour to Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

The technical tour to Dubna as a part of International forum “AtomExpo 2017” was held on June, 20.

During this tour, which was organized by JSC “Rusatom Overseas”, the representatives of ROSATOM partner countries (Bolivia, Zambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Sri Lanka and others) have visited several laboratories and industrial facilities, including the production of superconductors and pulsed reactor on fast neutrons (IBR-2) at the Laboratory of Neutron Physics. Scientific facilities of the IBR-2 were demonstrated to the participants, the broadest range of commercial and scientific applications of research reactor were presented, principles of organizational management for scientific activities were formulated.

The tour was concluded by the round table discussion “Commercial and non-commercial use of research reactors and Centres of Nuclear Science and Technologies (CNST)”. The following speakers have made target presentations: the IAEA lead expert on research reactors Danas Ridikas, chairperson of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA) Kelvin Kemm, JSC “RUSATOM OVERSEAS” director of the Research Reactor Department Dmitrii Vysotskii, JSC “Science and Innovations” advisor directorate Nikolai Arkhangelskiiand others. The participants have discussed global sustainable development challenges and solutions, which can ensure such development. As a general conclusion Centres of Nuclear Science and Technologies, based on research reactor, can be drivers for economic, agriculture, medicine, industrial development, form associations of highly professional specialists, which can ensure national nuclear programmes implementation, including energy programmes. Participants also have agreed that Centres of Nuclear Science and Technologies can serve as a fundamental factor for regional collaboration, based on scientific activities.

“Responding to such challenges, ROSATOM proposes integrated approach, including research reactors nuclear infrastructure development, training for CNST scientific and engineering personnel,  stakeholders involvement, – comment Mr. Smolskii, coordinator for the development of the personnel training system for new projects of ROSATOM CICE&T.-Also, taking into account growing interest to CNST projects, round tables “The role of government authorities in national nuclear programmes development” and “Personnel training for new CNST projects” are planned during international conference “Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry: New Challenges in the Era of Globalization”.

Background: Foreign stock of orders of The State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” (ROSATOM) exceeded $ 130 billion for a 10-year period. Forming the national nuclear industries and providing the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants is inconceivable without highly qualified personnel. The Russian experience in personnel training and continuing education and the potential of the relevant organizations of ROSATOM are able to ensure the solution of such global challenges. ROSATOM CICE&T celebrates the 50th Anniversary and hosts an international conference for those who involved in personnel training.