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Visit of Prof. Sagara to Obninsk Continues Cooperation between Rosatom Tech, Tokyo Tech and MEPhI

Visit of Prof. Sagara to Obninsk Continues Cooperation between Rosatom Tech, Tokyo Tech and MEPhI

Traditional visit of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) delegation to Rosatom Tech took place in Obninsk on September 18th and 19th. The visit continued long-term cooperation between Rosatom Tech and Tokyo Tech. It has been a seventh Japanese delegation visit to Rosatom tech since 2013, including visits by Prof. Saito in 2015 , Prof. Obara in 2017 and prof. Onishi  and Prof. Obara visits last year.

The visit this year composed of two parts – open discussion and technical tours for the nuclear engineering department students to the nuclear-related institutions and research centers in Obninsk.

The discussion was facilitated by representatives from MEPhI, Rosatom Tech’s Department of International Cooperation, International Business Development participated in the meeting.

From the Rosatom Tech side guests were welcomed by Pavel ZHURAVLEV, vice-rector and Head of International Business Development Department. Prof. Hiroshi SAGARA delivered a speech overviewing research activities in Tokyo Tech, Mr. Anton SMIRNOV presented on the main activities of MEPhI and Mr. Evgenii Varseev outlined and future plans of Rosatom Technical Academy with a focus to the points of common interest for cooperation between Rosatom Tech, MEPhI and Tokyo Tech. The designated topics of interest for all three parties are nuclear research and training projects in the field of nuclear safety simulation using domestic computer codes, decommissioning, advanced application of nuclear power and GEN-IV reactors development.

A two-day programme consisted of discussion and technical tours, demonstrating Obninsk as a distributed Center of Nuclear Science and Technologies: the visits demonstrated not only research capabilities of Obninsk enterprises in nuclear field, but a high-tech non-nuclear application of radiation technologies, such as nuclear medicine.

The traditional visit to the First Nuclear Power Plant was both a technical training and emotional experience for Japanese students and professors. The tour to Institute for Physics and Power Engineering continued with a visit to the BFS-2 facility, the largest facility of this class in the world. The IPPE experts explained the capabilities of the critical facility from the point of view of research and training application at the international level.

During a technical tour to Medical Radiological Research Center Department Japanese delegation got acquainted with the practice of patients’ treatment with the most compact accelerator in the world, and overview lecture of A. Tsyb MRRC activities provided for students a general picture of Obninsk as a leading nuclear medicine center in Russian and local companies interaction in nuclear medicine.

These technical tour visits are the second in the series of the foreign delegation’s visits since representative of World Nuclear University visit in May were city of Obninsk is represented as a distributed СNST and capabilities of non-power application of nuclear technologies on practical case of synergy of enterprises in Obninsk again left a big impression on the guests.

Three sides of the meeting closed session with the intention for extending their interaction in future in the form of MoU and additional events within Inter-University Exchange Projects between the Tokyo Tech, which is the outcome of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy signed on December 16th, 2016 by the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and two Japan ministries: the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.