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Visit of the Korean delegation to CICE&T

Visit of the Korean delegation to CICE&T

On June, 24-25 2013 the special Russian-Korean “Workshop within KAERI-CICE&T cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Engineering Education and Training” was held in CICE&T. The Korean side was presented by Director of Nuclear Training Center Mr. Lee Tae Joon and researcher of Nuclear Training & Education Center Mr. Nam Jong Su. The workshop was initiated by Korean side in order to

  • exchange practices in the field of education and training of foreign nuclear specialists;
  • exchange the opinions on the harmonization of the nuclear education and training programmes in vendor countries to support emerging states;
  • discuss the issues on Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) as the main tool for development of the courses and harmonization of training programmes.
The initiative was put forward in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between CICE&T and KAERI in the field of nuclear engineering and training signed in April 2012.
The participants from CICE&T were:

  • the highly-qualified practitioners of SAT in the training of Russian NPP personnel: Quality Director Mr К. Klimenko (report on SAT implementation in the training of Russian NPP personnel) , and Head of Department “Systematic Approach to Training” Mrs M.Kandalova (report on SAT Implementation in the training of MPC&A personnel);
  • Deputy Director of International Training Centre Mr. R.Kritskiy (report on the results of training of Vietnamese specialists in 2012) and Mrs. N.Shulepova (report on the results of the SAT based training course development in 2012).


After the Obninsk Workshop Korean delegation visited St-Petersburg Branch of CICE&T and participated in ATOMEXPO-2013 (June 26-28, 2013). In accordance with assignment of “Rosatom” HRD Department, CICE&T was designated as the organization-in-charge of round table discussion “Personnel training in support of construction, equipment installation and adjustment and NPP start-up in newcomer countries”. Mr. Lee Tae Joon made presentation “Experience in Personnel Training for the stage of NPP Construction”.

At the ATOMEXPO-2013 the IAEA DDG Mr. A.Bychkov was briefly informed on the current status of the CICE&T-KAERI cooperation and plans for 2013-14. The main topics were as follows

  • to enforce cooperation in the field of support of national nuclear infrastructure development in embarking countries;
  • to exchange the information and documents regarding SAT implementation in national education and training systems;
  • to exchange instructors and lecturers;
  • to review organizing joint workshop to the SAT in developing training courses and certification of nuclear personnel in summer-autumn 2014.